Top 10 Types Of Sex Positions You Should Try With Ankita Escorts Girl

The secret of sexual pleasure is how you do the sex or it is all about the sex positions. All adults will not enjoy the same pleasure from one particular sex position.

Making a sex session steamy as an amazing conjugal experience depends on seeking the best and trendy positions to fuck. Ankita escort girls are known for their erotic skills and services that are unbeatable. The fairies of Ankita play for the best sex positions. They optimize sex sexual and romantic gratification with unforgettable intimate memories.

Guys get bored fucking to the same sex positions all the time and are keen to bake dick over the warm vagina. But real pleasure demands changes in position. Ankita escorts girl will let you fuck with cock in various sex positions.

Kama Sutra positions worth trying

Sex pleasure zooms when played at the right positions. India has an ancient science of doing sex tastefully pioneered by sage Vatsyayana whose bok Kama Sutra explains how sex turns erotic and artful when played in the right positions.

Vatsyayana addresses sex positions in the epic book that teaches the art of living and loving and optimizing carnal pleasures like sex and love. The book has a complete section devoted to sexuality with a number of sex positions promoting emotional intimacy between partners in terms of touch and physical connection.

Doggy Style

In doggy style, you do not face to face but that can be made possible by a mirror. Looking at the mirror while doing and augment eroticism and pleasure. There is a real trust emotion from doing this in the ‘doggy’ position in a passive vulnerable position. Get on all fours let your partner kneel behind you, with your upper body straight up or slightly draped over you.

Pretzel dip sex

This position is like a doggy style position and partners can look into each other’s eyes and can caress the partner’s backside, and stimulate the nipples and breasts through direct clitoral stimulation.

Cowgirl sex position

This is a face-to-face and ultimate intimacy experience. Eyes lock and nipple rubbing and kisses will ramp up the intimacy.

Here the girl kneels on top, pushes off the partner's chest, and slides up and down the thighs. The partner grabs thighs while rising to meet each thrust.

Lotus Sex position

The Padmasana or Lotus position is done by grinding against the lady to stimulate the clitoris. Bring the girl, if she is top onto the penis or a dildo and rub up against the outercourse. The partner can sit cross-legged and the girl can sit in their lap facing them. Wrap legs and hug each other for support.

G-Whiz Sex Position

To manage the height difference, put two pillows underneath the other person.

Let the man sit on knees, lie back with legs resting on each of the partner's shoulders to do the erotic action.

The Chairman Sex Position

This is another sex position where more than bouncing grinding is the best move. It is the best starter for deep penetration, and to have partners kiss shoulders and neck, do nipple play. For manual stimulation, add a sex toy to let the partner reach around you. It can also be done by the man sitting on the edge of the bed and the girl sit on them, facing away.

Missionary sex position

Missionary has so many variations yet it is intimate thanks to close eye contact. Add pillows underneath the pelvis so that partner on top will be able to thrust in an upward diagonal direction, and the clitoris gets the full grinding.

Magic Mountain sex position

Here the man sits, legs bent, leaning back on their hands and forearms. The girl can do the same and move forward until contact is made.

Pinball Wizard sex position

This is great for deep penetration. In case you are not able to do a bridge position, support your lower body with arms, and move on to something else. Be in a partial bridge position like a pinball machine with the weight resting on shoulders. Here partner can enter from a kneeling position.

Ballet Dancer sex position

To balance better, do it standing on one foot, face the girl and wrap the other leg around her waist and let loins love.

In the end, by varying sex positions you climax well more than with a traditional partner. A gorgeous escort will give you the liberty and guidance to indulge in all frolic fantasies that you might have picked up from the porn movies you watched.