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A Life of Goregaon Escorts- A true story and to know more Call Only No WhatsApp

This story of Angle is on the basis of her life-changing experience. She was working in the telephonic company and she decided to stay in the Goregaon for few weeks. The working time in Goregaon Escorts was between 1 am to 7 am. Yes, there was pressure on her. Even the boss was asking what’s wrong with her. Spending a lot of time on work becomes hectic.

She decided to take a trip at the weekend but at the same time, her boss asked, “why you are going for the trip when Goregaon offers parties, events, and so on.”

She said, “I don’t have any friends in Goregaon, and I don’t use to talk with the strangers”

He replied, “I know someone let me know if I ask her to stay with you throughout the weekend”

She completely misses calling him on Friday evening because she was busy at the weekend already. She Sleeps in the evening just because she understands there is no point in disturbing at the weekends. In just a short amount of time, someone was at the door and rang a ball.

Angle was in her night suit, but she wears the t-shirt immediately and looked at who is at the door. There are Independent Call Girls at the door.

She wore tight clothes and looking young and astonishing. Angle took a deep breath and open the door.

Without even saying hello Goregaon Escorts said, “you are so fast at wearing the clothes!”

The angle in shock, “yes, I was going for taking the shower”, “By the way, to who you are looking for?”

‘Yes, I presume that I am looking for you Angle’ she replied

‘Haha then my name must be Akshay Kumar’

If I am Akshay then you might be john, she replied quicker.

Angle was thinking that who is the woman and what the hell she is doing here.

Goregaon Escorts said, it’s my fault I was supposed to call you before I come but I decided to give you a surprise so I am here”
She replied, “Is my boss ask you to come here?”

She smiled and said nothing.

Angle was going to call her boss, at the same time she said, “yes, you can confirm with your boss!”, “I am Ruby!”

She called the boss and the boss said, “How are you, John?”

Angle replied, “I am fine, Ruby is here and I thought I suppose to tell you”

“Ha Ha, have a great evening John!” Boss disconnects the call.

Angel was quite nervous and she has no idea what to do now. Goregaon Escorts got this and said, “Can I make you a black tea for you?”

Angle has no option but she said yes to it. Goregaon Escorts went into the kitchen and made a great black tea for both of them.

An angel is still nervous and sitting on the sofa. Goregaon Escorts Service gave the black tea to her, Angle has seen a tattoo written on her hand, “Enabler”

Angle was quite confused and was playing with the remote. She used the TV in the room for the first time and starting drinking black tea.

After a while, Goregaon Escorts asked, “How is the black tea?”

Angle replied, “It is the taste as the black tea is supposed to taste”

Goregaon Escorts is quite confident and said ‘Guys are the same everywhere!’

Angle gives her the look that she doesn’t mind with it. Goregaon Escorts knows what to do so she asked her,” there is a party near to an apartment, would you like to go there?”

Angle had no idea what the hell is going on because she was never on the blind date and she never met a lady without a reason. She doesn’t even know what to talk about and was confused in her mind that she should go or not.

Goregaon Escorts asked again, “What are you thinking?” and added, “If you want to see the movie you can see it”

Angle said I don’t use to do it and I even hate to watch it. Goregaon Escorts said, “Let’s go outside!”

Angle is finally okay with it and they both leave the apartment to the party. Goregaon Escorts hug the girl in the front door and give girly kisses to the chicks. Angle got it that she knows this place very well. Music, Food, and the bear are what make that party attractive!

The music was going on and Goregaon Escorts asked for the dance. Angle was an awesome dancer that her boss knows so the Goregaon Escorts got that she will never refuse to it.

Goregaon Escorts comes next to her and holds her waist. They started dancing together even the Angle lifted her a bit. She holds her hand tight and dances like she never dances before. There were only music and two bodies that flowing in the air. Amazing feelings! Isn’t it?

All the people clap when they both stop dancing as they were only two on the dance floor. They finish it and Goregaon Escorts took her to the beach.

Goregaon Escorts asked, “Why don’t ask about the Enabler”

Angle replied, “I don’t ask that I don’t understand”

Goregaon Escorts replies, “I am an Escorts and working for Escorts Services in Goregaon

Angle asked, “Escorts as in? I thought you are a friend of my boss”

Ruby explains whenever your boss wants to close the deal earlier I used to go for on behalf of your boss. When her magic works deals which is take months finished in weeks.

Angle asked, “Are you a sex worker?”

She further explains she is not a sex worker. She added, “We only escorts and sex is a choice, not a necessity”

The angle is started getting her point!

Goregaon Escorts added, “ Today I am feeling like a human with you, not like a commodity. This evening will stay in my mind for a
longer period, thank you!”

Angle was happy to and said, “You just made my day”

Goregaon Escorts leaves the angle on her house and they met once before Angle leaves the Goregaon. Ruby changed the perspective of Angle and got high respect in her heart!

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